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Sheet Music and Composing

Here is a list of all sheet music/Compositions available by Keri Degg. Unless otherwise stated, all Keri's sheet music is available from but equally most are also available through and many other good Sheet Music retailers.
Saxofrolic cover  

Saxofrolic SATB Saxophone Quartet 2013.

Commisioned by the Nottingham based Saxophone Persiflage ensemble, this SATB saxophone quartet begins sedately; almost hymn-like before launching into the fun and frolics. A funky groove is evident and a few changes of metre keep intermediate to advanced players on their toes. Click here for details and audio.

40 Graded Duets  

40 Graded Clarinet Duets (also available in Flute, and Sax Eb/Bb or combi editions).

Published in April 2013, this book of 40 duets was written to motivate grade 1 - 5 players whilst improving technique, expression, and sight reading skills. Features;

  • 8 duets of each grade (grade 1 - 5)
  • Current requirements, ranges, and Key signatures of relevant grades
  • An exciting mix of genres; swing, classical, ballad, ragtime, contemporary and more.
  • A helpful little icon; 'Eyen-Stein' to warn players of impending danger ahead!
Click here for further details and audio.


Celtic Collage  

Celtic Collage (Flute, Bb Clarinet/Sax, & Eb Saxophone Editions currently available. Includes piano part)

Written in 2012, Celtic Collage is a collection of 7 original pieces/soundscapes for solo instrument & CD. From lively jigs to reflective laments, there is something for every mood. Aimed at grade 6+ players. Click here to access a free fully printable copy of number V from the book in addition to a free backing track & demo track.

Click here for details and audio of the book.


Pick & Mix quartets



Pick & Mix Quartets

A collection of 9 Original Quartets for SATB Saxophone Quartet or ANY combination of Bb, Eb, C Woodwind Quartet. Fabulous fun, Pick & Mix Quartets is aimed at Grade 3 - 6 players and includes;

  • Gymnopedie
  • All that you are
  • 'Cos Ned said
  • Quartet with no name
  • Together we stand
  • Shmooky and Mo
  • Tango Murambo!
  • Milonga no more
  • Clockwork Chuck
Click here for more details and audio.
 Ballade gr 7  

Ballade (Eb or Bb saxophone & Piano, with CD) May 2011

Ballade was written in May 2011 after Keri had been playing Saxtet Publications lovely 'Dreams of you' by Dave McGarry. She found the style and chords very much to her liking so set about fusing some of her own thoughts, along with the mood of Dreams of you into a piece of her own. The timing co-incided with a friends birthday coming up so she thought she'd dedicate it to him. Listen here; to hear a recording of me playing Ballade (with the 'birthday boy'!).
The melody line is a 'universal' saxophone part, so playble on ANY saxophone (although some of the sentiment may be lost if you go for it on Soprillo!). With an unashamedly sentimental theme, ballade requires the performer opportunity to tap into their expressive side in order to deliver the best possible result. The piece gradually gathers momentum, accompanied by plenty of major sevenths in the harmony, with the saxophones taking on an almost funk feel in particular sections. The theme returns towards the end (modulated) to provide a gentle reflection of previous thoughts.
Estimated at around grade 6/7 Ballade is ideal for students and more accomplished players alike, indeed more accomplished players may wish to improvise a solo in certain parts. Great for classical saxophonists wanting a gentle introduction to jazz. The publication includes an additional seperate piano part for Bb saxophones, and CD featuring demo (alto sax/piano) and backing tracks for both Eb and Bb saxophones. Ballade is also available in the 'PDF/MP3 email delivery' option.
Ballade features on the Trinity College Jazz saxophone syllabus in both the Eb sax, and Bb sax options at Grade 7.

Click here or on the book image for ordering details.

Czardas cover     
Czardas (Clarinet & Piano)
Written in 2010 and around six minutes duration, Czardas if a feisty gypsy style dance. Similar in mood the the famous Monti Czardas, the Clarinet perfectly captures the mischievious mood with semiquaver passages. There are moments of a slow serenading style (but always with a cheeky glint in the eye!). The piece ends on a real high with a dramatic flourish! Czardas is a real crowd pleaser and is attracting outstanding reviews when performed live so would make an excellent addition to any recital. Click here for ordering details.
Fuerza tranquila  
Fuerza Tranquilla (Eb saxophone & Piano)
Composed in 2009, Fuerza Tranquilla (Quiet strength) was inspired by two factors; Keri's new discovery of composer Astor Piazzolla and his evocative tango style, and also by friend Ken. The piece has a memorable haunting melody in minor key before letting loose to the emotion and struggle in a cadenza type Saxophone and piano section. The melody returns with subtle changes to bring a feeling of quiet acceptance. Click here for ordering details and to hear audio.
Myriads cover  
An evocative and hypnotic piece for Alto sax, Clarinet (or sop sax), and piano. Myriads was shortlisted as a finalist (2009) in the UK 'Reedplay' composition competition, and performed at the Guildhall school of music and drama by Victoria Soames-Samek (Clarinets), Jeffery Wilson (saxophone) and Tim Watts (Piano). 
Approximately 6 minutes duration and suitable for players around grade 5+, Myriads loops hypnotic patterns, with all 3 instruments interweaving, but all having  solo moments some point. Click here for ordering details and to hear audio. 
Kayleigh in Killarney cover  
Kayleigh in Killarney' Celtic style saxophone quartet (SATB) 2009
Kayleigh in Killarney is a foot stomping SATB quartet of around 3.5 minutes duration. It begins with a Soprano and Baritone question and answer type introduction which reveals the main theme. Accompaniment gives a definite celtic bagpipe feel complimenting the melody line nicely. The piece also features a jig like tenor solo which then becomes a duet when the soprano enthiusiastically joins in the fun. Alto and bari players give support with roudy claps and whoops! (optional!). Once again, the theme returns before subduing to a melancholy baritone solo, gently accompanied by tenor, then alto and sop too, before cranking up the pace once again with the return of the initial melody, plus the new melody intertwined. A final key change adds to the drama before an exciting ending leaves us on a high.
All players get their chance to shine in this quartet and all have a main solo line at some point. Click here for ordering details and to hear audio.
Takes all sorts! fl cover  
Takes all sorts! collection 2008/2009 (available in; Alto saxophone/piano & CD, Flute/piano & CD / Clarinet/piano & CD) 
This collection of pieces came about one day because I was reflecting on the wonderful varying personalities of my students, and decided to write a collection with each piece dedicated to / inspired by a particular student. The collection is available for Eb Saxophone/piano, Flute/piano, and Clarinet/piano. Many of the pieces feature patterns and are often disguised in order to help with technical issues on the particular instrument, whilst the student simply believes they are learning a new piece! Contents include; Truffle takes a stroll, Midnight Waltz, Loretta learns the blues, Lament, Jonathan gets his groove on, Sandra's mini, John's new flute, and Honkytonk-arama! Aimed at intermediate players of grade 3-6 standard. Click here for ordering details and to hear audio.
songs for claire alto  

Songs for Claire (Available for Soprano/Tenor sax and Piano and Alto/Bari sax and piano, 2008)

Written in 2008, 'Songs for Claire' paints a picture of an emotional life journey. Consisting  of three movements; Living Life, troubled times, and flying free. the piece last for around 8 minutes duration, and is suitable for players of around grade 6+. It begins with a very dreamy and pure piano introduction and aims to portray the joy and beauty of life. The saxophone is allowed to sing out expressively accompanied by the gently lapping piano accompaniment. The movement however ends on a more negative mood, with the clear unwanted ticking of time from the piano leading mercilessly into the troubled times to come. Have you ever got on a ride and wished you could get off? Movement two shows the anguish and at moments, despair, of major obstacles ahead. The saxophones lyrical expression can be used to its fullest and can really cry out in this section. Timbral trills are used to create the idea of two voices; one positive, and one negative, to portray the constant battle to make it through and not give up. Movement three is once again pure and calm, and uses a reversed theme of the initial idea in movement one. Flying free has an almost continuous rocking motion from the piano accompaniment and ends with a short echoed phrase passed between the saxophone and the piano, where everything floats away in peace.....

The piece was written in memory of Keri's childhood best friend, Claire, who died aged 10 after a long illness.
Click here to see a musical slideshow of Songs for Claire by talented photographer Andrew Pennill.
Songs for Claire is published by Spartan Press, and is available from all good sheet music stores such as
Living life, (movement 1 of Songs for Claire) is currently on the Grade 4 Jazz Saxophone syllabus with Trinity College. For 2015-2016 Flying free (movement 3) will feature on the grade 4 Jazz sax listing, again with Trinity college.